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Oxymite - Oxygen based alkaline stain remover / cleaner.

OXYMITE is a very powerful oxygen based alkaline cleaner that removes organic dirt, mildew, pet stains, blood, fruit juices, wine, odors, gravies, coffee, and many other professional and household uses.

It's sanitizing properties make it particularly effective on mold and mildew.

As an environmental benefit, OXYMITE will decompose to water, oxygen, and soda ash.

The advantage of OXYMITE is its ability to remove stains from cotton and cotton/polyester.

OXYMITE contains no chlorine and consequently avoids the problems which occur with chlorine bleaches.

Comes with a 1 ounce plastic scoop.

OXYMITE's other Advantages are: Excellent Stain Removal; Longer Fabric Life; Energy Saving; Safe On Colored Fabrics; Environmentally Safe; A Very Effective Deodorizer; Biodegradable; Ability To Blend With Other Detergents; Safe for septic systems.

OXYMITE can be used for: Swimming Pool Liners - Carpets - Mold and Mildew - Concrete Floors - Wooden Decks - Wicker Furniture -Blood Stain Remover - Wine Stains -Ceiling Tiles - Coffee Pots - Awnings -Laundry - Dentures - Tile & Grout - Golf Shoes - Siding - Fireplaces -Garbage Cans - Many Other Uses.


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