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Maui Wash Wax & Shine

Maui Premium Wash, Wax, and Shine is biodegradable and non-toxic to, people, animals, and the environment. Probably one of the only true wash and waxes that you will ever buy for your car. This product contains silicone and rich carnauba wax. Has great foaming action that last through multiple washings. Make faded vehicles look like they had just been polished, and maintain a showroom shine on new vehicles. Customers that use this product have actually reported that friends and neighbors have asked if they had their car reconditioned, and have been amazed at their reply.

This is a very inexpensive way to maintain and protect the beauty of your vehicle. It takes as little as two caps full in a bucket to wash several vehicles. Maui Premium forms a protective UV coating on the finish of the vehicle, which is evident by the beading of water on the surface.

Maui Wash Wax & Shine

Satisfaction guaranteed or we will CHEERFULLY Refund Your Money.

Gallon @ $20.75 each

Shipping Charges are for Continental U.S. Only.
For all other areas, Please Call! Save 25% by Case Volume. Case quantity is 6 gallons. Gallons can be assorted and discount will be refunded when order is processed. We will also refund any excess shipping and handling charges at that time. For quart purchase, or shipping quotes you may call direct at 207-856-2993 or email us.