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Film Buster - Glass Cleaner


Yes! We mean it; Film Buster could literally save your life. I’m sure that like many of us, we all seem to go to work and return from work directly with the sun in our eyes. The sun at one time or another has blinded us all even after just washing the inside of the windshield. The largest cause for not being able to see is the film that you can never quite rid your windshield of. Dirt, smoke, dust and many other combinations of pollutants in the air cause this film. You wash your windshield one day and the next day the film is back, however, not with Film Buster. This amazing cleaner is really too unique to call “just a glass cleaner,” this product will make all of the hard to clean glass clean up like a miracle.

Now blinding sun won’t destroy your vision because of a blurry windshield, and night driving has never been better. It’s almost as if the windshield wasn’t even there.

Fingerprints on glass can be wiped off with a dry towel or cloth after you have washed them with Film Buster.

Because it removes the film, dirt and other pollutants have nothing to cling to, therefore allowing the glass to remain clean for an amazingly longer time.

Film Buster contains no ammonia or any other noxious odors. It may be used on mirrors, appliances, automotive glass, showcases, plate glass, storm windows, and many other items. Film Buster will keep the film from reoccurring.

Elimination of film equals less time cleaning glass

Film Buster

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