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Dress Up - Non-Toxic Beautifier & Protectant

Once again in the tradition of manufacturing products that are safe as well as versatile, we bring you Dress up.

Dress Up is a revolutionary beautifier and protectant that's non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and extremely safe around your loved ones. Protects from ultraviolet rays, weather damage, scratches, fingerprints, cracking, fading, abrasive elements, and many other day-to-day aggravations. Restore vinyl, leather, and plastics to like new condition. Ideal for polishing appliances, wood furniture, shoes, stainless steal, counter tops, and much more.

Prevent cracking on tires, dashboards, rubber seals and gaskets, tonneau covers, bras, vinyl and leather upholstery, and thousands of other uses as well. If you are looking for one product that can do all this and smells great too, Dress Up is the one for you!

Dress Up

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